Sugar Snow Provides Fresh Take With “Woodface Reimagined”

Dream pop singer Sugar Snow has released a new album titled Woodface Reimagined. Sugar Snow is the stage name belonging to Simone Berk since 2008. She has now teamed up with Brian Charles from Zippah Studios. This new release covers every track from the Crowded House album and is done in a rivetingly artistic way. Along with Brian, Simone has joined forces with several other musicians that each add a beautiful flavor to this tour de force. It is hard to label Sugar Snow as belonging in one specific genre, because her music draws from so many, including, glam pop, indie, and soft rock fusions.

A Sensational Blend of Vocals and Instrumentals

This record is filled with energy and layered vocals that draw in listeners immediately. It’s challenging enough for many to create enough of a unique take when covering one song, but to be able to do that with an entire album is absolutely incredible! The twists that Simone takes on the Crowded House album are truly powerful to experience! The percussion and strings fuse together to create a seemingly effortless cohesive sound. Sometimes when an artist covers a song it’s obvious that they are playing someone else’s music, but that is not at all the case with this epic project by Sugar Snow! Simone owns the songs completely with her powerful vocals and artistic way of reworking a piece that already exists into something new entirely! 

Simone has spoken about the timeline of this project and how it all began with a dream she had involving a unique spin on the track “It’s Only Natural” and expanded from there until the entire album was reworked. While the entire project works as a fluid body of work, each track is unique in tempo, vocals, an instrumental masterpiece! If you’re as in love with Sugar Snow’s new project as we are, please support her by visiting her official website! You can also find her music on Spotify and Youtube.

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