Sweet Sweet Combines Different Journeys To Make Magic

Sweet Sweet

We all have our own musical styles that we have grown up listening to.  It is only normal for a musician to gravitate towards that style when they begin writing their own music.  This can take you far but sometimes you need that push to experiment and expand your style.  One way that is sure to do this is working with other musicians from different genres and backgrounds.  This was the beginning of our recent find Sweet Sweet.

The musical duo of Jeremy Dunham and Kerrine Gifford hail from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  Together as Sweet Sweet they create a fresh take on folk/Americana that is getting them noticed.  

Jeremy and Kerrine bring unique individual histories to their group dynamic. As a kid, Jeremy remembers “stealing” his dad’s guitar and playing it while he was at work. When he graduated high school, he was already in a working band.  He has spent the last few decades playing in numerous hard rock groups. Kerrine started playing cello in middle school and studied cello performance at Coastal Carolina University. She joined the choir in college but until joining forces with Jeremy had never mastered the art of playing her instrument and vocalizing at the same time.

Somehow the technical education of Kerrine and the raw rock n roll upbringing of Jeremy combined seamlessly to create fully immersive sound experiences and it seems they truly enjoy being together both on the stage and off.  

This month Sweet Sweet will release their debut EP In Tandem.  The 5 track record puts it all out on the table with an emotion-laden array of relatable songs.  From the opener “To The Stars” and its energetic vibe, the listener is drawn deep into the magic of the soundscape that is hard to imagine is created by only two people.  They share the autobiographical story of turning their dreams of making music into reality by purely hard work.  The tone is a little more subdued on “Daylight” as Sweet Sweet allow the beauty of their intertwining instruments lead the way.  The buildup of Jeremy’s vocals take you for a ride where it feels he is right by your side.  



There is some further experimentation on “Remind Me” as the groove is playful in its stops and starts and interesting added sounds.  The pretty pairing of their two voices in lush harmony here is the real draw.  The record closes with “Lost Kids”.  This is another look into their lives as they wrote it as a traveling anthem for their tours throughout the Southeast.  The textures lay on top of each other well making for a complete listen that demands multiple plays on a relaxing afternoon.

You can keep up with the further exploits of Sweet Sweet on their WEBSITE.

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