Crushed Out Crowdfunding New Album ‘Alien Ocean’

Crushed Out

Love’s a crazy thing, ain’t it?

It’s what brings unity to billions around the world and, in this case, it’s what created an awe-striking display of passion and musical talent — the kind you just can’t turn away from.

Frankie Sunswept and Moselle Spiller aren’t just your average married couple, they are the two musicians that make up an awesome surf-rock duo called Crushed Out. After growing up on completely opposite corners of the country — Frankie in LA and Moselle in New Hampshire — fate tossed them haphazardly into the same little Brooklyn apartment building and plopped them right next door to each other. Sparks flew, flames flickered, and, since their debut EP Show Pony (2010), they’ve swept the nation with their sunlit tunes and carefree demeanor.

In light of the release of their upcoming album Alien Ocean, they’ve decided to present their most anxious fans with a very exciting pre-order opportunity. You can visit their Pledgemusic campaign page and take a look at what they’ve got to offer along with all of the awesome incentives they’ve come up with to thank you for your support.

Crushed Out: You Know, The Duo

Crushed Out is a duo with a lot of soul and a love for Rock ‘n’ Roll. One might even say they carry the torch for classic rock in America today. Their music is a semblance of past classics and even a glimpse of light for the future of the genre.

They fit best on fast paced backbeats and lofty, almost psychedelic, acoustics. They’ve taken the traditional song structure of great bands like The Beach Boys and created an innovative blend of ’60s surf and psychedelic rock. Needless to say, they’ve taken the style to all new heights!

Really, their music sounds like a rooftop, day-drinking extravaganza.

With just two great minds and an earnest love for one another, they’ve been able to assemble the sound of a raging bunch of rockers with empty pockets and a lighthearted angst best expressed in song. Frankie puts together bass-heavy synths and bluesy electric piano progressions, and Mosselle matches him zealously, always eager to provide a heartfelt performance.

You can always go check out their Soundcloud for some new music and old hits. They’ve got exactly the kind of tracks you need for a day out on the beach or a night out for some poolside festivities.

Swimming In Alien Oceans

Alien Ocean is an album you gotta dive into headfirst.

It’s expected to be their best album to date, admittedly their “most definitive” and “cohesive” project yet. They speak on various topics ranging from human contradiction to the clash of order and chaos, and they’ll keep you dancing the whole way through. Over the years, Crushed Out has perfected their surf-rock sound and can make any day feel like a day off.

We all know that, at any moment, music can bring people together. It can forge a friendship or build a bond with someone you would’ve otherwise overlooked. Crushed Out, however, is a prime example of what time and music — and a little bit of love — can truly grow to be.

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