Sypheon Is Back and Beyond ‘Conflicted’


Music has become so ubiquitous in our society that often we don’t even realize how important it is. With the amazing amount of content being created every day, the need for music has only grown. Behind every great YouTube video is a soundtrack that takes it to the next level of content. Our recent discovery Sypheon has returned to add his talents to fill these needs.

Hailing from London, England, the musician and sound engineer has been creating music for content creators for over a decade. It all began for Sypheon (aka Grizzy) as a teen when he dove into Web and Graphic Design. Creating soundscapes soon followed and his songs shared on Soundcloud soon were used by YouTube creators in a variety of fields such as Gaming montages, Vlogs, Tech tutorials, Beauty & Makeup tutorials. A 2014 album Phyxion” & “Ignition followed but a long break was needed after that for an entrepreneurial journey.

But now Sypheon is back with a professional team to create new music and widen his scope by experimenting with different genres. His latest release “Conflicted” shows how much he has grown and what he has to offer. The track hits on the Dubstep genre with some Drill added in to set it apart. While there is plenty of power infused into the song it does not overdo it. This allows it to stay in its place within any use. Sypheon has mastered creating this excitement while staying in the background for any content creator to use free of distraction. Listening to the song on its own conjures up images in its own right. This freedom for the mind to explore is what makes this music so great.  

Sypheon is back and hard at work creating more music for his Nero Mana record label. Keep up with him all over social media:






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