Thomas Vent

When Thomas Vent released his Best Of album in 2018, it felt like he was closing a chapter of his music. Since then, it feels as if his blend of Dubstep and Glitch hop has evolved. His new tracks are sounding stronger than ever with “Back to the Dark Woods” and “Back in Texas” showcasing his talent the most. Now he returns with his new EP Rise Them Up.

The EP starts with “Berta Berta (Rise Them Up)”. From the outset, his talent for blending old school blues with modern-day beats gets showcased. It has become his signature sound and what makes his stand out from the EDM crowd. As the song continues, it has an infectious groove that is helped by some great use of guitars and harmonica. 

The tempo gets turned up when “Old No.1 (Single Barrel Recipe)” arrives. Again his blues infusion sound comes out to play with heavy beats that mean business. The energy this combination creates is infectious and designed to make the listener move. Vent has always wanted to have this effect with his music. He ensures he will getting you singing too with his lines “Gimme my whiskey”.

Following up is a cover of the classic “Born to be Wild”. He hasn’t changed too much but has added additional layers of beats and guitars give it a bit more vitality. It ensures the listener has a natural connection to it. So when the chorus comes in, you can’t help but sing along with “Born to be wild / Born to be wild”. 

Ending the EP is “Fat Beat”, offering a different feel to those before it. There is no denying, this is a straight-up club track. The tempo eases you in before the opening vocals come in with “If I told you a story, would you believe every word I said”. When the song kicks in, it delivers what the title says. Again, Vent has created something with an energy that takes over the listener. 

‘Rise Them Up’ is yet more infectious tunes with big beats by Thomas Vent

Rise Them Up is a burst of energy that leaves you wanting more. Going off how productive Thomas Vent has been in the past, it is a safe bet to assume that he is already working on new material. He is a music machine that is driven by his passion for what he does.

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