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MYRKUR Awakens Inner Spirits with Séance Singing in ‘Mausoleum’

In the reverberating acoustics of the Emanuel Vigeland Mausoleum in Oslo, Norway, MYRKUR casts a spell with melodic patterns and Gregorian chanting like a church sermon. With pure vocals evoking a riveting elegance, “Vølvens Spådom” unleashes this world in MYRKUR’s new creation, Mausoleum. A thickness of vocals and harmonies creates a circle above the ominousness from the

Nicolas Drey – Composing For A Full-Length Film

Becoming a composer of music can lead an indie artist down a variety of different paths.  With the explosion in independent films and television programs, there has become a larger need for music to accompany these visuals.  An artist with an open mind can create music that blends perfectly with these film projects to make a