Nicolas Drey – Composing For A Full-Length Film

Nicolas Drey

Becoming a composer of music can lead an indie artist down a variety of different paths.  With the explosion in independent films and television programs, there has become a larger need for music to accompany these visuals.  An artist with an open mind can create music that blends perfectly with these film projects to make a complete story.  Recently we came across Nicolas Drey who is doing that well.

Hailing from France, the musical composer has been able to write music for a wide range of genres.  Nicolas Drey can suit a song for whatever mood may strike.  Through this talent he has connected with many other skilled artists in different scenes of the Arts.  One such friend is film director Remi Mourent.  The two have been working together for over 12 years through a variety of projects such as music videos and short films.  Now Nicolas and Remi have graduated to the next level and collaborated on a full-length movie called “L’enterrement de Diego de la Vega”.  Enjoy a preview video here:


Setting The Scene With Music By Nicolas Drey

Nicolas Drey used several kind of guitars (classical, folk, electric) and effects (tremolo, slide) to take the listener back to an earlier western time. Sweet melancholy melodies take the listener to a different state of mind.  There is emotion and passion present in each piece.  The beautiful score pairs perfectly with the film creating a fully immersive experience.

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