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D2UR Proves The Never ‘Wasted Time’

There is something special about a band that can keep writing solid songs one after another. It is uncountable to list how many bands have one great hit but then disappear in the crowd when it comes time for a follow up that keeps the fans engaged. It is not an easy thing to do.

Pistols At Dawn’s “The Truth”

Pistols at Dawn’s “The Truth” is the latest release from this band and is a new beginning for them.  Vocalist Cris Hodges joins an established three-piece who’ve already carved out a reputation as one of the rock genre’s most promising modern acts. The unit writes, records, and performs knockout modern hard rock with a pop-influenced spring

Hello Fiasco Helps us ‘Find The Shoreline’

As we grow as musicians it is always great to play music with other people. Our styles and talents will grow exponentially. Some other great things can come out of it too. Even brand new projects that end up being ‘super-groups.’ It seems that our recent discovery Hello Fiasco can fit this bill. The Canadian-American