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Randy Bryan unleashes his ‘Hounds of Love’

Fate has a huge role in the creation of music. Certain artists will experience certain influences to guide their style. Artists will meet other artists to collaborate with, which will alter the direction of their music as well. This power of fate has brought us Randy Brian and  e.flamingo’s new version of “Hounds of Love.”

Spend A “Homemade Holiday” With Babygirl

Babygirl’s accomplished songwriting duo intertwine clever lyrics, vast musicality, and a distinctive perspective with airy pop songs. This has propelled Babygirl to join the ranks of indie pop rock artists Phoebe Bridgers, Clairo, and Soccer Mommy. Babygirl’s emotive songs provide a release that can soothe listeners by expressing feelings that they may have struggled to

“Good Love 2.0” (Joe Goddard Remix) Is A Vibe

The “Good Love 2.0” Joe Goddard remix is fast-paced, bumping, and an absolute vibe. It’s an electro-pop track that feels like an instant mood booster. The remix puts Priya Ragu’s original pop and R&B vocals over synth-heavy instrumentals to make a house-party-worthy track. Ragu’s original version combines her talents in rap and R&B with traditional