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Ooberfuse Hears You “Call My Name”

The first few shots of Ooberfuse’s music video for “Call My Name” are pieced together seamlessly, with one scene flowing into the next like some sort of summer daydream. One moment we’re standing on a street corner taking in the sights of a foreign land, the next we’re watching Ooberfuse set up their equipment in

Brooke Josephson Does Not Need “Mr. Fix It”

Californian singer/songwriter Brooke Josephson has been impressing critics around the country with her songwriting prowess and incredible execution of otherwise simple pop/rock tunes, and in her new single “Mr. Fix It (Rocky G Remix)” listeners get to experience one of her most popular songs from an entirely different perspective, which is debatably even more exciting

Jerad Finck Wants To be One Of The ‘New Kids’

No matter what genre of music we’re talking about, remixes are always a hit or miss affair, especially when the original version of a single was loved by all of an artist’s most hardcore fans. SEAWAVES recently took on the revolutionary anthem “New Kids” by Jerad Finck. While the results could have just as easily gone