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Kendra & The Bunnies

During a normal year, I attend many music conferences. Often to speak on panels and share the knowledge I have gained over the years, but other times just to see dedicated artists sharing their craft. With this past year cancelling EVERYTHING, I have made sure to keep in touch with some of the amazing artists I have met in the past. Kendra Muecke of Kendra & The Bunnies is one of these.

I had the chance to chat with the talented songwriter and get some behind the scenes looks at what she has been up to and what is coming next. Enjoy the interview:

First off, where are the Bunnies? And how did this moniker come about?  

The bunnies! They run so fast! How can anyone keep track of them? I’m glad you ask. The bunnies are a cast of rotating characters and musicians that make up my full band. It depends on where I am playing around the country and which musicians want to play when. For example, my upcoming single “Self Love Proclamation” (out on February 12, 2021) was co-written with my producer in Nashville, Justine Blazer, and features amazing musicians like Billy  Justineau on keys (Eric Church), Smith Curry on pedal steel (Taylor Swift), and Evan Hutchings on drums (Keith Urban) to name a few! When I play in Los Angeles and San Fran, I play with  Trent and T-Roy Berry, and when I play in Denver, CO, I utilize players out there… and so on…  Pre-save “Self Love Proclamation” here: https://snd.click/o3fi  

The name ‘the bunnies’ comes from several factors. One, I tend to have rabbit energy, very kinetic and lively. Two, I am fascinated with the character of the White Rabbit in Alice in  Wonderland. Three, a huge influence in vocal style for me is Grace Slick in Jefferson Airplane…  particularly their song, you guessed it, “White Rabbit”. And then lastly, we have the Playboy bunnies. After all, I am a blonde, who entertains!  

How would you describe the sound of Kendra & The Bunnies?  

The sound of Kendra & the Bunnies has developed over time and continues to develop. As an artist who got her start in musical theatre and acting, I am a fan of taking on multiple roles and singing in various styles. I’d say my sound is rooted in folk-rock with pop and psychedelic influences. Additionally, there are singer-songwriter elements that tie my sound together, as well as, touches of jam band, country, and Americana music. I did, recently, bridge genres a bit with the release of my recent EP “of Remixes une”. These remixes are done in a downtempo edm style. Take a listen here: https://snd.click/cm3ulx  

Which artists have had the biggest influence on you?  

Old school Britney Spears, Jefferson Airplane’s “Volunteers”, Fleetwood Mac’s self-titled album,  the entire Grateful Dead catalog, jazz classics, blues classics like Bukka White, Led Zeppelin,  Animal Collective, STS9, Fiona Apple, DJ Screw, and the class rock era ft. AC/DC and CCR.  

Kendra & The Bunnies remix of ‘From Your Window’

You dabble in so many parts of the artistic world. Where do you find the time and inspiration?  

It just so happens as an artist, the majority of my life and thought processes are already dedicated to the creative experience, thus my art becomes the outlet. I find time to produce so many projects, as art is my everything. I have been performing in the theatre since age 4 or 5  and scribbling oodles and oodles of poetry since around 14 years old… I live through my music,  writing, and performance… singing feels akin to breathing… writing akin to thinking… 

Your new EP of Remixes une is quite a different sound from the last time I saw you playing acoustic. How did this EP come to be?  

Love this question! Electronic music has always been a major component of what I listen to day to day. Some of my favorite songs include melodic chill beats as their anchor. When I got the opportunity to work with a couple stellar producers, I sent over my vox tracks and told them to remix as they felt inspired to do so. Since you got a chance to see me perform last year at the  Millennium Music Conference 2020, I have since added a few more elements to my act. Of course, I start with me and the acoustic guitar, but now, I have added in some backing track numbers, and at times, the full band performs with me too. A few months ago in October 2020, I  performed with a full band in Colorado at Herman’s Hideaway Denver. That featured Phillip  Dyer, Nate Todd, Ryan Thrush, Karl Kushner, and Gary Howard.  

Rumors are out there about a new single coming in February. What sneak peek can you give us about that one?  

The rumors are true! I have a new single being released on Friday, February 12. The sequence of events that week are: my birthday on February 11, new song on February 12, and then on  Valentine’s Day, the music video for the song debuts. The new single is titled “Self Love Proclamation” by Kendra & the Bunnies. It was written and produced in collaboration with  Ten7Teen Studios Nashville. This track is kinda-sorta something new for me. It is very upbeat pop-country.  

You are known to record at many different studios. Any cool sessions on the horizon?  

Absolutely! In March, I am recording a full length album in San Francisco at Hyde Street Studios  and Dreamrack Studios with producer and musician, Trent Berry. In May, I will be recording at  Ten7Teen Studios Nashville. This will also be my first trip to Nash; I am SO amped to check out  the town!  

What does the future hold for Kendra & The Bunnies?  

Thanks so much for inviting me to interview today. The future holds lots of new music, another poetry book at some point (I have already published two books — pick up a copy here: https:// linktr.ee/kenbunny), more jamming on the guitar, and investigating my artsy side more and more.

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Kendra & The Bunnies

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