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KALO Crowdfunding Their Sophomore Album

KALO is a spirited roots rock ensemble with heartfelt hooks and a bad news baritone vocalist that’ll bring the blues to your bones. And she might just break ‘em. They’ve got spunk, plain and simple. Coming to you live from Oklahoma City, KALO has come together and assembled an awesome chance for you to play

Terra Lightfoot Drops Brilliant Roots Rock Album

You may not have heard much about Terra Lightfoot before, but you sure will start to. The ferocious singer, songwriter, and guitarist from Waterdown, Ontario is kicking off a tour after releasing her sophomore album, Every Time My Mind Runs Wild, a roots rock triumph. Terra Lightfoot – Melding Many Styles Lightfoot’s stylistic diversity is

Tabitha Elkins – Bringing Back Roots Rock

It is rare in the mainstream music world but there are still artists out there that aim to keep the music authentic and real.  Having the freedom to create songs that are not meant for this pop happy industry lets these artists go in any direction that they see fit.  Our recent discovery Tabitha Elkins