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Erick Russek and Poets In Heat are Back

One of the joys of being a talented musician is the fun of experimenting with different sounds and genres. We get to soak in influences and experience and turn them into song. These can go in any direction that we see fit at the time. The music of Erick Russek and Poets In Heat has

Binary Drift Opens Up His ‘Pocket Tunes’

Many of us have tons of music inside of us but require the proper catalyst to get it all out. That could be a collection of experiences that opens up the mental flow of music and lyrics. Another push could come from meeting the right people that just seem to inspire you. For our recent

Yvonne Sangudi Tells Us All About ‘MistaRomeo’

The pop music scene is constantly changing. As the word becomes smaller we are hearing more and more influence from every corner of the globe. This has given us some amazing musical blends. Our recent discovery Yvonne Sangudi is taking world-pop music to new heights.   The Tanzanian-American singer-songwriter and producer is currently based in