Edwin Durant Kovtun Bring The World To Us On New Album

Edwin Durant Kovtun

We continually search the world for new and interesting music. It still ceases to amaze me how much different music and how many eclectic styles are out there. An open mind and an open ear are all that is needed. This recent exploration has led us to the discovery of the amazingly interesting Edwin Durant Kovtun project.

The project began with successful composer/guitarist John Durant. He has already had critical success with his long-running bassist partner Colin Edwin and their instrumental collaboration Burnt Belief. In thier always expanding way, they want to expose more great sounds to the world. By bringing in pre-eminent Ukrainian vocalist Inna Kovtun they have created something that is truly unique. 

As John Durant says “Ukrainian music is sadly under-represented around the world. It’s a strong culture that goes back over a thousand years, and much of western Europe and America have no idea about it.” With the new Edwin Durant Kovtun album, they manage to bring these ancient melodies to life with modern production techniques to keep the music fresh and relatable to today’s’ music lover. 

The 12-track album released on Alchemy Records lays it all out for the listener to be immersed in a new culture of sound. On the opener “Walking Wheel” we are let in with a modern guitar and drum sound that brings the past to life. As the expansive vocals of Inna Kovtun come in we are pushed back into our seat to prepare for a journey.

The amazing production skills of the trio are featured on “Black Cloud” with sounds bouncing all around the room coating it in a warm yet strong embrace. The lyrics do not need to be understood to feel what is being presented. The darkness is conveyed perfectly and gives us an air of hope. The ambient embrace continues on “Above My House” with sounds coming from all angles as the vocals take the lead to drive the power to the track. The energy is high.

The Full ‘Harvest’ of Edwin Durant Kovtun

Perhaps the most encompassing track is “Harvest”. The amalgamation of eastern sounds pairs with the emotive vocals while a strong sense of rhythm pushes the track ahead. The punch of Durant’s guitars makes its presence known, sliding in and out of the full sonic tapestry being delivered. Sound is everywhere. 

The album closes with the epic 8 minute and 40-second “Interference”. This length allows the song to take its time to build. Layers are laid into the open space with elegant precision. Ancient drum beats can be heard breaking up conventional time signatures as the music flows. Each seemingly random instrumental sound has its own specific need to add to the complete product.

Prepare yourself for a journey through sound and your own mind with a full listen to the Edwin Durant Kovtun album. Keep up with the full package on their WEBSITE.

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