Kelsie Kimberlin Says “It’s Not The Time”

American musician Kelsie Kimberlin has proven herself to be authentic over the course of her career. There’s a genuine connection between her, her music, and her beliefs on the world. She’s never been one to shy away from speaking out on problems that are riddling our world and her latest single is no different. “It’s Not The Time” is her most recent track and it’s got a message more powerful than ever.

Having spent many summers with friends and family in Ukraine, the tragic recent invasion from Russia has deeply impacted Kelsie. When she began writing “It’s Not The Time” she did not know of the attacks to come from Russia. But once the war began, it became clear that “It’s Not The Time” shared a bigger meaning than she ever knew.

Watch the video for “It’s Not The Time” below

This track is a call to help around the world for the citizens of Ukraine. But more importantly, it’s a beacon of light in an incredibly grim situation. Calling folks out of the darkness and despair to follow her into a brighter space.

There is a lot of power within this single, turning the hurt and pain into hope for a better tomorrow. The power of the message is an excellent juxtaposition to Kelsie’s delicate and light vocals. She is the bright light to be drawn to out of the depths of darkness.

With the world plagued with injustice, you’ll be sure to hear more from Kelsie Kimberlin in the future. Don’t miss out on your chance to stand with her.

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