Taken By Trees Release Latest Single ‘Vibrant Colors’

Taken By Trees

Taken By Trees released their second single of the year, Vibrant Colors this past week. Taken By Trees is the solo creation of Victoria Bergsman, the former singer of band the Concretes. Her fourth studio album will be released sometime in the upcoming months — a firm release date has not yet been announced.


This indie pop song explores the idea of a person or relationship enhancing ones life. The song opens with an upbeat rhythm and is quickly accompanied by bongos and Bergsman’s voice. Bergsman’s voice conveys the emotion of the song and is moved along by the pop sound the song has.

Taken By Trees Create A Vibrant World


With her lyrics, Bergsman almost challenges the person she’s singing about saying, “What if I told you / All this is for you / Would you believe me / Or would you leave me?” She is singing to this person directly, and showing them the lengths she goes to for them. The chorus of the song is a repetition of the line “I dream in vibrant colors / Just for you.” This line is used many times in the song, showing its meaning to the overall message of Vibrant Colors. There are layered vocals whenever Bergsman sings this line, adding depth to the sound of the song.


The overall tone of the song matches the style and creates a sound that is easy to get lost in. The layered vocals and the unique instrumentation of the song make for a rich setting and sound that are very atmospheric and groovy.


Vibrant Colors fades out and leaves the repeated chorus hanging in the air. This wraps up the song nicely and leaves the listener with Bergman’s heartfelt lyrics. Taken By Trees’ fourth album is set to be released sometime this year. Their previous albums can be found here.

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