Taking A Break From Practicing To Get Better


Anybody with experience practicing a musical instrument knows that taking a break from practicing is almost as important as practicing itself! Burnout and boredom are very real barriers to learning a musical instrument to the best of your ability, so taking some time off is key in getting better and better. As with most things in life, slow and steady wins the race!

Now, there are a range of options open to musicians who are looking to take a break from practicing. Whether escaping into the great outdoors or enjoying some fun online gaming, the choices are almost endless when it comes to taking a break from practicing for musicians.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the best ways to take a break from practicing for those of us putting in the hours when it comes to music.

Escape into the great outdoors

What could be better than exploring nature’s bounty after a lengthy stretch indoors practicing your music? Not only does nature offer a great way of recharging the batteries after some hard practice, but it allows us to gain further inspiration for new musical endeavours.

No matter where you are – even in the world’s major cities – there is always a way to reconnect with nature whether that’s by heading to a nearby park or taking a bus or train out of the city into a wider chunk of natural landscape.

Stop, look, listen and breathe. Escaping into the great outdoors is truly an excellent way to enjoy a break from practicing your musical instrument.

Enjoy some online gaming

As one of the web’s fastest-growing areas, online gaming has never been so popular with those of us seeking to take a break from work. The fascinating combination of relaxation, stimulation, and scope for winning some cash means online gaming is massively popular nowadays.

Mobile casino sites such as Fruity King offer a huge range of slots games to explore yet there are also sites specialising in roulette, poker, and many more igaming choices. No matter if you prefer the rush of the slots or the slow burn fun of a few hands of poker, online gaming has something perfect to help you relax after a long spell of practicing.

Head out with some friends

While for many artists practicing music is a social affair, plenty of musicians tend to need isolation to truly perfect their art. This can often lead to a sense of loneliness and alienation from others, especially when practicing for long spells.

Head out to meet some friends or relatives for a coffee, a beer, or even a meal to feel recharged and ready for your next practice session. Truly, bookending practices with social interaction is almost guaranteed to leave you feeling refreshed!


Bottom line is that you can not just practice all day and all night without a break. Your progress will suffer. So take a break and have some fun. Then get back at it and become the best musician you can be.

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