Zen Archer has Been Making Music ‘In The Meantime…’

Zen Archer

A good classic pop-rock sound will always survive. There is something special about that raw rock energy of a couple of guitars, a bass, a drummer, and a strong singer that is always fresh. Keeping it simple and straight ahead while also testing the limits of what these instruments can do. Our new friends from Zen Archer have been around for 30 years and are back to putting out quality albums with their latest In The Meantime...

The Houston-based band is made up of Dan Golvach- lead vocals/guitar, Randy Miller- lead vocals/bass, Steve Wilson- vocals/guitar, Michael Grammar- drums, and additional musicians Bill Berger and Marcus Evans joining the fray where they see fit. The long career of Zen Archer took a break in the ’90s but they have continued to play and record together in different configurations. In the interim, they have released solo albums, won Grammys, and raised families. The allure of being part of a group and creating great rock music is strong and the band came back together to release more music.

The release of In The Meantime… proves that Zen Archer is just as fresh and talented as they were back in their mid 90’s heyday. The 18-track record showcases new material as well as some re-mastered favorites from their long career. Elements from a wide range of legends such as Beatles, Todd Rundgren, Pink Floyd and Crowded House shine through here.

The opener “Hold On To Your Soul” grabs you right away with a grinding guitar and vocals that reach into that soul you are to hold on to. The talent of the musicians on their individual instruments jumps right out as well. This is going to be a fun ride. 

“It’s All Going Down” with Zen Archer

Zen Archer shows off their soft side with their semi-romantic ballad “It’s A Crime.” The punch of the sound is still there but emotions weave their way through as well. Some middle ground is felt on “It’s All Going Down” as the band powers through a blues-rock influenced style with energy coming from all sides of the speakers. Progressive rock creeps in on “Home” with exotic sounds paired with sweet vocals to create something warm, cozy, and fun to listen to. The guitar solo here is exciting too.

The 90’s alt-rock influence can be heard abundantly on “Saturation” and “Grungy” as Zen Archer continues to show off some fantastic range in their sound. While a song like “What Am I Supposed To Do” ties so many genres into one complete track that listeners from all over the musical spectrum can come in and enjoy the mesh of music. The closer “Never Look Back” does the same while allowing the musicians to really stretch their talents with their instruments. This is a great band that we hope continues to put out new music for the world to enjoy.

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