Welcome to the Seven Sounds of Taped Live

Taped Live

What happens when you take old school blues and blend it with a modern day grunge rock vibe? You get the band Taped Live. This Glasgow duo comprising of Leo (guitar/vocals) and Sal (drums) have been working hard making a name for themselves for their authentic music, which can now be heard throughout their debut EP Seven Sounds.

When you listen to the opening track, “Thin Ice,” you are instantly introduced to what this band has to offer. It’s raw and edgy, but this is dirty blues rock like it is meant to be. If you tried to clean up this sound with better production then it would not be as good.

Taped Live Is Pure Raw Power

This EP has a good range of songs which show that this duo has a lot to offer. “Thin Ice” and “Telephone” show off their bluesy, side which includes some amazing skills on the drums and guitar. These talents change to a grungier punk vibe on “Blind as a Bat.” The guys then demonstrate a softer and more controlled performance on “Pocket Full of Sorrow” which has shades of White Stripes about it. It certainly feels like they play with conviction but they also sound like they are having fun at the same time.

To hear Taped Live at their best, then, the title track “Seven Sounds” has it all. Showing off a country blues side, the guys again confirm how good they are together with their musical weapons of choice. The tune is dominated by infectious railroad-style drums and riffs during the majority of the playtime, but they really bring the noise when the chorus hits.

Seven Sounds is an EP that may be a little rough around the edges, but this is music that is keeping it real. Head over to their Spotify or Bandcamp pages to listen to this release for yourself. If you like what you hear and want to grab a digital copy then you can do so from iTunes or Bandcamp. Alternatively, if you want it on CD, then visit their store.

Taped Live may be raw but they are an impressive talent with a lot to offer. It will be interesting to see how they grow and develop their sound. If you want to find out more from the guys and follow their journey, look them up on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.