Music of the Mind: Taylor Grey “Mind of Mine II”

Taylor Grey

In Mind of Mine II, a sister album to Mind of Mine by Taylor Grey, Grey shares memories and stories in five songs worth of love, sorrow, truth, and lies. And even though Mind of Mine II sounds like a declaration to the listener, the album speaks more like an acknowledgment to the self: an emotional awareness, admission, and awakening.

Taylor Grey: Singer in the Spotlight

A melodic piano evokes a memory, opening on a storybook of sound in “Way Back Home.” A fingerpicking magical rhythm twinkles in the background over a clapping drumbeat and a washboard percussion and under the modern alternative, folk-pop vocals of Taylor Grey.

“Way Back Home” may be structured like a pop song, but the meat of the song is strung together by uplifting violins and grating drum beats, bringing contemporary country a new voice.

With a foot-tapping rhythm, “White Lies” is a confession of feeling. Taylor Grey has a genuine voice and her lyrics are pure and truthful: “when I told you that I didn’t love you / that was just a lie…wish I told you that I loved you.” She uncovers deep-rooted feelings with the repetition of “love you” ultimately saying, “I wish I never lied,” tossing aside any of her own white lies.

“Love Like On the Radio” is a summer blockbuster jam with a feel-good dance beat, fun rhythm, and sing-a-long vibe. Tuning in with a twangy guitar strumming a bright melody, this optimistic song tunes out with an acoustic clapping chorus, adding to the communal aura of the piece. As a bass beat is added back in, bit-by-bit, the song flickers off with an all-encompassing fullness.

A sorrowful violin, slower tempo, and softer vocals swirl together for the opening of “When the Storm Comes.” Taylor Grey sings with very precise spacing, so that her intention is clear as she enunciates lyrics in an advice-giving tonality. As a snare drum rhythm heightens the sensibility of sound, and rapid bow strokes of a violin intensify the emotional whirlpool of the song, the storm blows over.

“Mind of Mine (Acoustic)” leaves us with a very raw, exposed, and vulnerable Taylor Grey. With a singer-songwriter vibe, like a solo performance with a spotlight on the singer, Taylor Grey sheds the rest of her emotions, “because I’d rather be broken than alone.”

The twang in her voice is like a tear in her throat, and the repetitive nature of her lyrics is like a tic, but she wants to make her lyrics stick like her mind stays by her side: “thank you for sticking with me all this time.”

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