Buck Dean & The Green Lips Bring the ’70s to the ’10s

Buck Dean

Buck Dean & The Green Lips is definitely an interesting band name, so I was eager to hear just what would come from the four piece rock group hailing from Australia. When visiting the BD&TGL bio (hope it’s okay that I just abbreviated the name), their sound is described as “iconic classic rock of the ’70s mixed with modern day riffs and performance.”

Listening to their track “Don’t Leave Me Hanging,” I can definitely hear that classic rock sound that was described earlier. The beginning starts off with some intense guitar riffs and a rhythmic drumming session. As the song really starts to break out and pick up in tempo, there’s a feel-good vibe to it that gets you really pumped up. The vocals resemble a classic sound completely, one that really gets you grooving along to the beat.

Buck Dean & The Green Lips’ Classic Sound Gets You Pumped

The music video that comes paired with the track shows the band at a music festival, and the scene really takes me back to my multiple years attending Warped Tour. Watching them really get into the music on stage and the audience reception to the sound makes you even more pumped up to see other people enjoying it just as much as you are.

About 1 minute into the track, the tempo changes into a definite 1970s sound that you’d get when listening to Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd. It’s a serious change in tune and kind of caught me off guard, but in the best kind of way. I definitely appreciated the band’s ability to change it up that quickly and to have everyone adapt just at the perfect time.

I must admit that there was not a time during the 4+ minute song that I ever felt bored or that the song lost its intensity. Overall, a very good job from BD&TGL, and I’m looking forward to hearing more from them.

You can catch “Don’t Leave Me Hanging” on SoundCloud or YouTube.

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