Terry Ohms Is Sailing Smooth Forever

What Terry Ohms does is by way of singer/songwriter Wes McDonald as his alter image for the album Sailing Smooth Forever, as he goes by other names and also plays in other bands. Sailing Smooth Forever is not his first time on the block either, as the work of McDonald dates back many EP and album releases but on this release Terry Ohms simply comes to life. These ten tracks keep an eye on current matters while not forgetting about the music, and it’s not an easy time to deliver even though it might seem like a good time to write, record and produce about what’s going on.

With songs like opener “Curse Of The Bat” to establish the overall voice of all things today, proves where the writers head is at right out of the gate. It is like he knew where things were going before they happened by reminding of lesser but still bad happenings at the time. The very surreal vibe continues to get better as it pulsates through the entire album, starting with the excellent “Artificial Waterfall” with its obvious nod to fakeness. The fact that it’s all too much and nobody cares comes to mind when hearing this whole album.

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“Sadness” is perfectly placed because it suits the mood after being handed the heavier subjects, but it kicks up a little and once it gets going it’s not so sad at all. This track kind reminds me of “Heard It In A Love Song” but there’s more reason to like it than that, it has self-awareness values in the lyrics and it’s backed by a daring arrangement.  These songs start to get more fun as they go, with “Gentleman Caller” being not only fun, but accessible in many ways with its funk rock inclinations combined with a funny rapping style storyline.

“When It’s All Over” seems to be a reflecting point that the artist saw coming or just another sort of coincidence if there is such a thing. There is a certain time released intuition going on either way, and that is for certain. I would rate this one of the best moments on the album, but it hasn’t had a change to grow yet either, but it’s a go to point on the album for sure. The next track “Do You Feel That” could just take a little longer to feel, but it still makes the album through the quality of songwriting. 

“Get Together” is awesome, there is no denying it for me and this is where it gets top marks and I find the artist to be a repeat. I love it and the rest of the songs on Sailing Smooth Forever will be doing just that as I continue to enjoy them. “Time Has Come,” ‘Through A Glass” and “Action Room” all stay with the theme and consistently rock as the album comes to-a close and sees them as three more tracks to watch for and this album quickly earns a place in indie rock releases of 2020. 

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