The dream of becoming a successful rock star never truly dies.  Life will often attempt to get in the way and derail these plans but when the music has a deep grasp on your soul the dream will always resurface if you give it time.  This relates to the story of our recent discovery, The Albino Eyes.

Albino Eyes

Vocalist and guitarist David Thompson grew up in Manchester, England in the rich musical culture dominated by bands like Joy Division, The Smiths, and Stone Roses.  The bug to perform bit him early but life was passing by fast and David was pushed into the job market eventually moving to Australia for work.  There he found a like mind in guitarist Anthony Stavljanin and a musical friendship was formed.  Life got in the way again and the friends moved away to live different lives.  The musical mistress could not let this partnership forever fade.  Fate stepped in and years later reconnected David and Stav in Brisbane.  This time they moved fast and brought in Martin Konings on Guitar + Mix and Leigh Nelson on Drums to complete the Albino Eyes lineup.  The mix of opposing cultures and influences created some innovative and original sounds.

Now The Albino Eyes have released their second album “Buchowski Kiss”.  The 18 track album is quite a feat as the songs seemed to just pour out of the group.  The opener “Shooting Stars” is some straight up indie rock power with big choruses intertwined setting the listener up for what he is about to experience.  The raw energy continues on the fast paced “Alien Youth” with some additional exotic sounds thrown in to keep you on your toes.  The title track “Buchowski Kiss” takes the exoticness even further with some psychedelic noise starting it off while the song transforms into a mellow and touching bit of songwriting.  There are thoughtful and thought provoking lyrics exposed on “Southern Cross” and the closer “Blue Gum Tree” with a distinctive Australian taste.  One that stands out to me is “Red Red Earth”.  There is pretty guitar picking here coupled with atmospheric sounds and a storytelling lyrical style that drew me in.  Overall a very good record that will keep your ears entertained for a long while.  Get deeper in the Albino Eyes at:

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