Music will always be a constantly changing organism.  Indie Folk/Pop artist Will Mitchell has taken years of experiences and experimentation to develop a sound that is truly unique and all his own.  After working within bands for years, Will has decided to put all the pressure on himself and embrace the sole responsibility for his music.  This accountability seems to have invigorated his solo career and set him on an upward trajectory.  Being born and raised in Montgomery, Alabama, going to school in Boston, Massachusetts, and now settling in Atlanta, Georgia has given him a wide array of influences to pick and choose from to craft a very personal style of music.  Will Mitchell writes music to satisfy himself and his emotions and hopes that there is a slice of people out there that can relate and identify with his songs as he allows them to enter his world.  A warm happy place where positivity can pull you from even the dark times.

Will Mitchell

The most recent release by Will Mitchell is Beta.  The 11 track record brings together his dreamy folk/pop sound with full production to amass quite an interesting listen.  The opener “Abyss” sets the tone with a happy melody describing some past relationships that are not too happy.  The vocals brought memories of early Grandaddy to mind.  This complicated sonic imagery continues throughout.  It is obvious a lot of work went into “Controlled Dive” with a full dark sonic palette of lush instrumentals balancing perfectly against the haunting vocal.  Emotions spill all over the music.  There is a pretty piano that leads the way on “Get Got” giving it a ballad type of feel.  This one was written back in 2005 and shows the development and style diversity of Will Mitchell.  The closer “Rain Down” is the culmination of all this diversity into a complete song that has touches of raw rock energy with a mellow lyrical delivery that creates a warmth and closeness to the singer even though it seems as he has been on a string of bad luck.  This is very well produced album and leads us to believe big things are in store for Will Mitchell.  Keep up with the rise and get into Will’s mind at:

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