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Analog Heart

Forming a band can be quite a stressful undertaking.  Even after having a full lineup keeping the band together can be a major struggle.  An artist that can stay positive through it all will always find a way and be on the path to success.  Our latest find Analog Heart has been working hard to achieve their goals no matter what may get in the way,

The Massachusetts-based band came into being back in 2010 when vocalist and fellow Berklee College Of Music grad awoke from a dream with a vision to start a band.  The very next morning Liz put an ad on Craigslist. A few wacky auditions followed but the among the chaos she found lead guitarist (another Berklee grad) Jesse Cohen and 17-year-old drummer Austin Ferrante.  The trio blended well and Analog Heart was born.  A bassist seemed harder to secure.  The band has gone through 8 different players through the years and is currently working with “Greg”, a box of pre-recorded bass tracks that doesn’t take up much room in the van.  

After a great amount of songwriting sessions, Analog Heart went into the studio in 2012 to record their self-titled debut EP with Scott Riebling, former bassist for the 90’s band Letters To Cleo.  The buzz was building and then another door opened.  Liz Bills was selected for American Idol and worked her way into the top 30 females in Hollywood, California.  This bit of fame put a real fire into the group and they were back on their way.  The band grew into a foursome with the addition of vocalist and rhythm guitarist Guy Jerry in 2015.

This past March, Analog Heart released their first full-length album Sun Here I Come.  The 10 track record churns out a list of alt-pop-rock burners that will capture some real attention.  Right from the opener “Whoa”, Liz Bills shows off her vocal prowess over a grooving guitar line that pumps an energy into the room.  The rock continues on “Let It Go” with its sing along “oh oh ohs” and explosive chorus that blows the roof off the track.  The guitars in the verse have a touch of country tinge that makes for an interesting feel when paired with the wailing guitar solo.  



Analog Heart shows they can share some real emotion with “Come Alive”.  The laid back open draws the listener in close to pay attention to the heartfelt lyrics and passionate musicianship.  “Like A Dream” continues that emotional feel with a more mellow ballad style song.  Liz Bills shows off her pipes again here with a full range throughout the track.  The album closes with the title track “Sun Here I Come”.  The skilled musicianship pops at you right away with innovative melodies that are fresh but extremely catchy.  
This is a complete album that shows what can happen when a group of super talented musicians come together and get on the same path with a real drive and passion.  Keep up with more from Analog Heart at:

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