Look Back At “The One That Got Away” With Joe Hodgson

Instrumental music usually goes on of two ways, noodle-y, mind-bending guitar riffs Djent fans have come to love, or melancholy, acoustic music accompanied with tears and finger-plucking. Or so I had thought prior to being introduced to Joe Hodgson. This Northern Irish man has poured himself into his guitar for years, cultivating his talents to lead up to his debut album release.

Apparitions will be Hodgson’s freshman album, showcasing to everyone the work, time, and life experiences he’s had to go through to get him to this place. To give future fans an idea of the level of talent he possesses, Joe Hodgson released the first single off of Apparitions titled “The One That Got Away.”

Joe paints a picture for listeners, using his guitar to convey emotions and tell the story of lost love and agony. Perfectly crafted guitar riffs emote the ache within his soul and lead you through this riveting track. There’s no denying that Hodgson has spent years honing in on his skills as a musician. Guitar enthusiasts and recreational listeners alike will immediately be drawn to his talents.

Heartbreak and pain usually translate to a melancholy song, but Joe Hodgson manages to translate that pain and sorrow into a song that still moves. “The One That Got Away” is much more than just the story behind it, but rather a sum of all of it’s parts. This track gives just a taste of how Hodgson can turn a feeling or memory into a mesmerizing instrumental track.

With “The One That Got Away” immediately grabbing our attention, I’m eager to see what else Joe Hodgson has up his sleeve. Apparitions is set to be released on November 20th, 2020.

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