As fast as the Hip Hop genre has grown there have been an extreme amount of splinters into sub-genres and mixes of styles to create something different and new.  One of the beauties of the genre is that it lends itself so well to experimentation and originality.  One group that is blazing their own path is our latest find in Hip Hop, The Regenerates.


The group from Mobile, Alabama is made up of two brothers; Bailey (Kid X) and Brady Turner (Francois), along with Jacob Anderson (Jake).  The chemistry was immediate and The Regenerates released their first music and started playing shows around the area within a month of officially forming.  Their innovative style of dark wave Hip Hop with dance rock elements caught on quickly and the fans and bigger shows began to roll in.     The boys have had the chance to share the stage with such luminaries as Big Boi, MGK, and DJ Logic.  The Regenerates current goal is to keep the expansion growing.

A few weeks ago The Regenerates released their latest record Bad Dreams.  The 14 track album is different than anything else you have been hearing in the genre.  The record opens with the spooky intro ‘Don’t Fall Asleep!’  There is no fear of that though as the title track ‘Bad Dreams’ wakes the listener up with a bombastic charge that will grab attention immediately.  The production is solid and original on the song ‘Waiting’ which mixes influences from every part of the music spectrum while the rap flow feeds the mind.  The atmospheric background on tracks such as ‘Live On’ and ‘Days Of Misery’ push this album into new territory for Hip Hop while remaining close enough to make fans in all genres.  The party energy of ‘D.O.T.S.’ will make every listener get up and move.  The Regenerates have figured something out here and may be on their way to much bigger stages before long.  Jump on the bandwagon now at:

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