The Vegabonds

The Vegabonds started their musical journey in 2009 performing on the college circuit across the Southeastern United States. Now they can be seen playing shows throughout the US, Canada and Europe, spreading their sound described as “Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers mixed with the grit and twang of the Allman Brothers Band”. Over this time it has seen Daniel Allen (Lead Vocals), Richard Forehand (Guitars/Vocals), Paul Bruens (Bass), Beau Cooper (Keys/Vocals) and Bryan Harris (Drums) grow into the captivating performers that they are today.  

Since forming, they have self-released three full-length albums and an EP. Now they have joined forces with Blue Élan Records to unleash their new collection of songs called V. The band are excited to get his out to the world. Lead vocalist Daniel Allen says “I hope fans hear stories in the album. We are in a very unique time in history, and this album touches on the struggle of everyday folks doing their best to navigate love, work, beliefs and the ever-changing politics that flood our lives daily”.

V is the perfect showing of what The Vegabonds are about with an array of tempo that they add to their foundation of country rock. The opening track “Partyin’ With Strangers” showcases the perfect balance of what they have to offer. The intro and verses have a slow vibe, but the chorus packs a punch with a killer hook.  

Bringing some infectious energy is “Best I Can” with a rock n’ roll soul that ensures it is impossible to keep your feet still while listening. If that is not enough, then their catchy hooks and killer guitar solo will make this a song you will not forget.  

The Vegabonds can also slow things down to bring something with a little more soul. “When The Smoke Clears Up” highlights this and also shows off  Allen’s voice. Its intro sets the mood with a beautiful tone set by the use of an acoustic guitar. The emotive vocals come to bring the lyrics to life. Especially during the lines “When the smoke clears up and the dust settles down / I’ll be right here I’ll still be around”. The band plays an important part, especially with Cooper’s use of the keys. They come together to create the perfect audio landscape.

From all of the releases that The Vegabonds have created, their lyrical talents have never failed to impress. This trend continues with this album. One of the standout tracks “Generation Of Happiness” shows off this side of their talents. Especially with its opening lines “He signed up yesterday for the national guard / Got a baby on the way and working two jobs / All his friends go crazy over brand new phones / He’s just working like a dog keep the water and the lights on”. They paint so many scenarios with their words as they talk about how life can challenge some good people.

The Vegabonds keeps things real with their album ‘V’

This album does not have a weak track and makes choosing a favourite difficult. The captivating story from “Travelling Man” makes this a strong contender. The band slows things down to tell their tale about life on the road and being away from loved ones. This is The Vegabonds at their best as they keep things real and with an honest charm. The is helped along by an impressive vocal display as he shares lyrics which provoke imagery.

What do The Vegabonds plan to do next? That is easy as you can find them on the road and getting their music out to the people. These guys receive nothing but praise for their live shows. Do yourself a favour and catch them at a venue near you. You will not be disappointed.

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