The Willing Continue To Show ‘eMotion’

The Willing

There are many powers in music. One that is often obvious is the bond it creates. When a group of musicians gets together to make music time and space can seem to stand still as musical magic takes over. When everything lines up correctly these musicians get closer and closer as they feed off each other’s energy and form a bond that is indescribable. This bond is very evident in The Willing.


The band is made up of 6 true friends from the Chicagoland area. It all started back in the 1970’s when the same 6 artists got together to form the band Ultima Thule. They lived, rehearsed, and wrote together in a Victorian mansion in Milwaukee. This only added to their bond. Years later, after some time apart, the band is all back together as The Willing.


The music of The Willing is based in the Adult Alternative and Americana genres but many styles can be heard from Progressive to Emo-pop. Influences can be heard from such luminaries as The Beatles, Eagles, and Pink Floyd.


Last month, the band released their latest work eMotion. The 13 track album is a full experience through superb songwriting and emotional listening. As the record opens with “Silver And Gold” the band’s willingness to put it all out there gets our attention right away. The emotion-laden vocals set the tone immediately.


There is an elegant beauty to “The Rose” as the piano sets us up for a full singalong. There seems to be a bit of country influence here as well. The Willing can go in whatever direction they see fit. The amazing harmonies continue on “Ride On” even with a more rockin’ tone. The straight drum beat and wailing guitars complement nicely.



More love and beauty creep in on “Where Ever UR.” The classic sound of mellow Yacht Rock sets even the busiest mind at ease. The 6 members of The Willing blend together seamlessly into one exquisite sound. The Americana energy picks up on “Going Home” welcoming all listeners to tap along to the infectious beat.


The album closes triumphantly with “Sing.” The storytelling lyrics relate to everyone with the message of the song proving that singing is the answer to most of life’s difficulties. If we could all sing as good as the voices of The Willing the world would be a better place.


The journey looks to continue. Keep up with The Willing on their WEBSITE.

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