Take “Three Steps” Forward With Deanmoore

Progressive rock outfit, Deanmoore has been making waves across The Netherlands. The success from their single “Cannot Run/Cannot Hide” left them with the hunger for more. To build off of this momentum, “Three Steps” was born. Released February 19th, Deanmoore created “Three Steps” to become the more polished twin of “Cannot Run/Cannot Hide.”

This latest track showcases Deanmoore’s ability to learn and grow as artists. Sticking to the dynamic sound fans have come to love, “Three Steps” highlights a more balanced and fine tuned version of Deanmoore.

Listen to “Three Steps” below

There is something for everyone within the seven minutes that “Three Steps” takes place. Bright, light indie rock guitar notes twinkle over the vocals. The instrumentation works in perfect harmony with the vocals, creating a hypnotizing moment in time.

Much like any entertaining entity, “Three Steps” contains intricate layers that build upon each other to create a climactic scenario. As the song continues on the intensity amplifies, keeping you enthralled in every second of the track.

It’s rare to create song with the length “Three Steps” has that can truly keep listeners entertained fully throughout. But the way Deanmoore layed this track out keeps you fully in sync with them the entire time. “Three Steps” is further proof that Deanmoore is learning, growing, and blossoming as a group. Their journey is one you’re going to want to keep watch of.

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