Tommy Shafer – Following Successful Footsteps

Tommy Shafer

One of the goals of any artist should be to inspire others to reach for their own dreams whether that be in the music industry or some other goal.  When a rising talent can see the growth and the behind the scenes struggles of an artist that “made it” it can create a roadmap to success.  Our recent find Tommy Shafer is a result of this.

The 16 year old singer-songwriter hails from Waldwick, New Jersey.  The true catalyst to Tommy Shafer diving full force into making music was when at the age of 12 he watched the “Never Say Never” documentary following the leap to stardom of Justin Bieber.  Since then Tommy has worked hard to learn to sing, play guitar and piano, and pouring his heart into writing songs.

Tommy Shafer has also learned to love performing.  What started as open mic nights in front of 20 people has built into the opportunity to perform in front of over 1500 people at the Paramount Theater in Asbury Park, NJ.  The dedication is only picking up steam and even bigger stages seem to be on the horizon for Tammy Shafer soon.

Tommy Shafer Predicts “The World Is Mine”

Just yesterday, on April 27th, he released a single and music video for the track “The World Is Mine”.  Enjoy the video here:



The song is an energetic dance pop song that will get you moving almost instantly.  The influence of Justin Bieber is heard right away especially in the lyrics describing a young man that sees what he want and is going for it.  The production by Mavrick is top notch and builds up the positive vibe very well.  It was Mixed/Engineered by Steve Carter and the Fluu at Solace Music Group in Butler, New Jersey and mastered through the LANDR instant mastering program that has been picking up steam.  

We are excited to hear more from Tommy Shafer as he continues the hard work and dedication to becoming a mainstream pop star.  

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