If you’re looking for a bonafide rapper, treading between the brinks of Avant-jazz, hip-hop, and reggae, then look no further. “King James” is the new single by Toni Sauna that will fulfill the need most hip-hop heads seek. The Akron-born artist has dedicated this song to his uncle James, who is shown on the front of the cover. Not only has this been an ode to his uncle, but to a fellow-born Akron titan and cousin, Lebron James. Now residing in Stockholm, Sweden, Sauna is continuing to grow, using his connections to produce and release music listeners are waiting for.

With an off-kilter flow, Sauna has released numerous singles and eps. Following these with an album, Denise, set to release July 9th, 2021. No stranger to the music scene, Sauna is just a moniker for the mystic emcee. AKA Anthony Mills, Sauna has made notable collaborative efforts such as: touring with Harry Belafonte and forming the duo, Wildcookie, with producer Freddy Crueger. Sauna is also a part of the modest UK-based music label, Def Pressé, alongside legendary underground producer, Damu The Fudgemunk. These connections would lead to the ascension of Toni Sauna and his esoteric creativity.

You can listen to “King James” by Toni Sauna below

“King James” is a prime exhibition of Sauna’s creative ability: delivering an effortless “stock” flow over a gritty boom-bap instrumental. Listeners will develop nostalgia toward the days of MF DOOM and Madvilliany.

“Bro, I stay lo-fi I can’t stand drama”

Spending years within the New York boom-bap scene, Sauna has even categorized his style as “anti-testosterone”. Backing this up with an ample Lo-Fi discography, similar to the 90s boom-bap era in New York. It is transparent where Sauna received his influences, transforming into the eclectic maestro listeners are aware of now. Again, if you’re on the search for an authentic sound, “King James” will suffice the hunt and add flavor to your music collection. Be sure to follow Toni Sauna on social platforms and catch Denise on July 9th, 2021.

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  1. Zyn

    Mills aka Tony Sauna is a true renaissance man. I’m still bumpin his ish from 2006. His artistry transcends time. Can’t wait to hear the album.

  2. Toni Sauna

    OMFG! Thank you for this examination and sharing.


    Toni Sauna