“Crash Land” With Wingman

Sometimes the most genuine music comes from the most unexpected moments. Los Angeles based rapper/electronic artist Wingman knows this to be all too true. An emergency situation while filming a music video resulted in a complete change of plans and newfound inspiration.

The LA artist was out with his cameraman, Matt Trainor, to film a music video. The duo was out on Wingman’s helicopter over the mountains of California when a downdraft forced an emergency landing in the mountains. This ‘crash landing’ left them stranded without cell phone service and they had to hike for hours to call a rescue team. Inspiration struck and what started out as a vision for one song, turned into another song quickly.

“Crash Land” tells the story of what happened that day. And the result is an addictive song with amazing energy and a raw story behind it. Footage was collected before and after the emergency landing and their rescue and it further tells the story of an event that could have turned tragic. Wingman is left relieved and with hope for another day and that message transpires through the song.

Watch the video for “Crash Land” by Wingman below

Wingman didn’t allow the daunting situation to destroy him. Instead, he tackled it with optimism and creativity. Without that mentality, we wouldn’t be able to bop to “Crash Land” today. With the talent and creativity shown here, it’s clear Wingman is going to make a name for himself. If you like “Crash Land” then make sure to check out his latest album, Weird New Feelings. Singles like “F Up My Life”, “Beijing”, and the title track will be sure to please.

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