Alex Julia Is “Like The Sun”

Chill, laid-back, and breezy are all words that can be used to describe singer-songwriter Alex Julia and her latest single “Like The Sun.”

Alex Julia is a singer-songwriter, content creator, foodie, and adventure seeker from New Jersey. She has a very unique style to her music, drawing from influences of pop, rock, and indie genres. Alex released her debut EP titled Better Part Of Me on September 19, 2020. 

Better Part Of Me picked up steam on college radio stations across the country such as KXLU and WMCX. The EP even caught the interest of The Bay Area Reporter.

LHYME shared a recipe on Pinterest for Hawaiian pizza that they paired with Alex’s music. This inspired Alex to launch her blog “Julia’s Live Music Pizza.” The blog helps spread the word on independent artists. 

Her newest single “Like The Sun” really showcases her unique style of music. You can really pick up on the different genres that she drew inspiration from. 

“Like The Sun” is a love song about a special someone being a positive energy source and being “perfect like the sun.” After listening to the song a couple of times, it just keeps getting better.

Listen To “Like The Sun” Below:

The blend of instrumentation and her soft, dreamy vocals are to thank for the chill, laid-back, and breezy vibe that I mentioned above. 

With her unique sound, determination, and passion for independent music, Alex Julia is an artist to keep an eye on!

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