Totally Mild Hype New Album with Trio of Singles

Totally Mild

Straight out of Melbourne, Totally Mild is a cotton candy bubble gum mix of pop and alternative. With a brand new album, Her, due out next week (February 23rd to be exact), the trio has released three singles to build some hype.


Founded down under in Australia, Totally Mild is composed of Elizabeth Mitchell both commanding the microphone and and writing the magic behind the lyrics, Zachary Schneider electrifying us on guitar, Ashley Bundang banging on the drums, and bassist Lehmann Smith. The quartet once started as a solo project by Mitchell but has become a unit moving entirely in sync through their breezy whimsical tunes.


The sophomore album is about, as quoted by the band, .. the toxic energy of a relationship that has outstayed its welcome. It’s the point where you realize that staying with someone out of habit is stopping you from moving forward.”


Each new Totally Mild single is unearthly, different and mesmerizing


All three singles feel different from the other. The first song released out of the three, “Today Tonight” is a boppy quirky jam where Mitchell’s airy alto shines through the electric guitar riffs and groove. Speaking of the fear of being alone, she wishes herself with a new fun lover looking to experience what love has to offer in her youth and beauty.

“Lucky Stars” is a hollow dreamy piano ballad about young love under the twilight. With chords that seem to wrap around Mitchell’s voice and intertwine through her words, her staircase scales are clean and mesmerizing.

And most recently, “From One Another” is spacious and sing-songy, hiding lyrics that encapsulate the struggles of being trapped in a mundane relationship. While the song seems to flow in a carefree motion, it is far from the loose selfish days of being a single person. 

Personal and reflective, this new album mirrors a young woman’s search for herself and her individuality while struggling to remain in love.  About the new album, Mitchell said, I was torn between a new domestic life and the impulse to tear it all away with bad choices. I fell in love, but I wrestled for independence.”

Kick back and jam to some boppy hipster vibes with this eclectic Australian trio. Listen to freshman album Down Time while patiently waiting on the edge of our seats for the next chapter in Totally Mild’s young and upcoming career.

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