No No Yeah Okay Release Second EP Cabal

no no yeah okay

As a Floridian, I do not know that much about Wisconsin. My general impression of it is that people are nice there, it can get very cold, and they have nice cheddar cheese. And probably nice dairy in general.


Initially, I didn’t consider their music scene. But Milwaukee, especially, has built a scene with support for local musicians. Slowly, that support has been garnered for electro-pop musicians like Milwaukee natives, No No Yeah Okay.


No No Yeah Okay Electrify Milwaukee’s Music Scene


No No Yeah Okay was first formed in 2014 and consists of Mark Gage (producer), Christopher Quasius (guitar), Colin Plant (vocals), and Joshua Paynter (bass). What started out as jam sessions on the weekend between friends turned into interesting songs with depth. All members are from different musical backgrounds but have discovered a middle ground between all of their influences, and embracing those overlapping influences resulted in the cohesive EP that is Cabal.


The members’ differing musical backgrounds results in No No Yeah Okay being a band that defies genre as, by necessity, it straddles the lines between electronic, soul, and indie rock. The band is based in Milwaukee where electronic music is often overlooked, but the quality of their music, its genre-bending quality, and its general appeal are helping overcome those barriers.


The first track of Cabal, “Boulevard,” is certainly helping No No Yeah Okay reach broader audiences because of its catchy rhythm and mainstream appeal. It also happens to be the most streamed track on their EP — and for good reason.


“Get Lost” stands out with its cool percussion. And their latest single, “Make Believe” is slightly trippy with a video to match.

Mirroring the members that comprise No No Yeah Okay, Cabal consists of distinctive, diverse tracks that stand apart from each yet manage to form a cohesive piece as a whole. Keep up with No No Yeah Okay here.