Sometimes it is great to just listen to musicians that make music for no other reason than it makes them happy.  Music is a gift of joy to the world and I will always enjoy watching people who truly enjoy making it.  This seems to be the case with the latest group I came across, Townsend & Tucker.

Townsend & Tucker

The Georgia duo has been enjoying themselves for a long while.  Townsend & Tucker began writing and playing together way back in the 1980’s.  Their sound is a blend of country, blues, and classic rock molded over years of playing.  One listen and you can sense that they are having fun and making themselves feel good when they play their instruments.  Isn’t that what it is all about?

The guys sent me over some tracks to check out that they put together recently.  I must say that the music isn’t produced very well but the joy jumps right out at you from the first verse.  ‘The Circle’ is a straight up rock and roll song that brings a smile to your face and a hop to your step.  Even the sad blues story told in ‘Long Gone’ can’t really bring you down.  Townsend & Tucker have a nice way of storytelling that draws in the listener and keeps them waiting on the next verse.  There are some nice guitar fills on this one too.  The well produced ‘Hold On Tight’ my be the groups best track.  There is a lot of sound going on here for just the two of them.  The atmospheric background even gave me a feel of Coldplay for a minute.  The keyboard line carries the song along.  Overall, this is a decent little collection of songs for a night when you need a good cheer up but aren’t in the mood for anything loud and fast.  Enjoy some Townsend & Tucker for yourself at:

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