Travis Watson Starts The Summer with “Bring ‘Em Beer”

Travis Watson

In this judgment filled world we currently live in, it is a great power for an artist to not give a crap about any of that. Making music for yourself without caring about how others will react to it is the real power. Our recent discovery Travis Watson holds this power dearly and it is freeing him to create fun music.

The singer and songwriter is currently living in Anchorage, Alaska. His profession as a Boeing 747 pilot has provided many journeys to influence his musical style. Based in Country, Travis Watson does not allow genre lines to constrict his music as he writes songs that make him happy. According to him, songs are fed to him from a Higher Power, at random times, sometimes even in the middle of the night where he’ll have to jump out of bed and hum a melody from a dream into his phone. The muse is a fickle friend.

For his most recent release Travis Watson brings us “Bring ‘Em Beer.” The summer jam is a fun and positive country-tinged song. We are all something special and deserve a beer. A tickled guitar lays down a peppy melody that shows some true skill with the instrument. As the chorus comes in the joy continues. I challenge you to not be singing along by song’s end. 

Dive into more of the life of Travis Watson on his YOUTUBE channel.

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