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True Spirit

The path of a musician is rarely a straight line without hurdles and sidetracks.  As much as we all love music there will always be the draw of an “ordinary” life.  We all need to pay the bills while striving for our dreams.  It is sad that this has derailed many artists.  Our recent find True Spirit has had a long strange trip but luckily for us, all is reaching his musical goals.

A music career was not really a thought in the childhood days of Dimitri Vigil aka True Spirit.  The native of the Bay Area in California found his passion for making music at the age of 18 while playing football at West Valley College. Dimitri continued his collegiate career at Menlo College where he connected with close friend and partner in music, Christian Pistella.  This laid the foundation for the dynamic musical duo.

Upon graduation, Dimitri Vigil was hired by a digital advertising agency in downtown San Francisco, a job that many dream of. After a year on the corporate hamster wheel, he realized that the 9 to 5 life would not be his path and quit his job in the pursuit of making a name for himself on his own terms.

The story of the transformation into True Spirit begins on an adventure on the slopes of a snow-covered Mt. Shasta. Amidst the psychedelic search for meaning in this mad world that surrounds us, an idea blossomed into existence that is now the sole goal of the artist.

The latest result is the debut EP by True Spirit titled We’re All Mad Here.  The 6 track record features their dynamic storytelling abilities preaching truth and inspiration, bringing Hip Hop and EDM together to create a unique sound and a genre all their own.  Right from the spacey opening “We’re All Mad Here Intro (The Awakening)” we know we are in for something quite different.  The dance floor comes to life on “Barricade” and then transforms to the real life flow that True Spirit spits.  A female vocal hook even comes in to add another level to the track.  The club feel continues on “E.D.M. (Electronic Drug Music)”.  There are multiple layers to focus on here that would be helped along with some help in a pill form.  



The lead single off the record is “Find The Answers”.  The true lyrical talents of True Spirit are exposed here.  The words take you on a journey through the formation of the duo and the star they are about to become.  The music video adds to the legend.  The album concludes with “Where I Belong”.  The mellow open leads to somehigh-speedd flow over a minimalistic beat that lets the focus be where it should be.  “People always try to give you advice. Do this. Do that. Stay in your lane. They’re going to try to put you in a box. We’re here to say, f*** the box.” -True Spirit.


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