Tu P Lets Everyone Know His ‘Agenda’

Tu P

Music has been used as a voice on worldly topics for many years. The current state of modern pop music has lost some of that passion but there are exceptions. Our recent find Tu P takes meaningful music to new heights with his new album Agenda.

The Brisbane, Australia based rapper got involved in hip-hop because of how it could be used as a medium to convey socially important topics. The mind of Tu P has seen much of our world’s problems. He happens to be a doctor as his ‘fulll-time’ job. Working in family medicine and youth mental health has let him see what is truly happening out there. This created a need for him to use his music as an outlet to better our world.

On October 30th, Tu P released his opus Agenda to start the change. The 20 track album tackles many of the big-picture issues of our time: climate change, child protection, terrorism, policing, freedom of speech, geopolitics, Coronavirus, healthcare and the arts. The opening title track “Agenda” lays it all on the table with news samples touching on some of the current events testing society.

As “Gaudy” kicks in we get to experience the conscious lyrical style of Tu P. His voice comes off smooth and relaxed even as he dives into controversial topics. This welcomes the listener in to relate to the words being shared. The energy is turned up on “Here/There On Fire”. The beat is a little darker and the lyrics are delivered with a speed and passion that shows skill along with real attachment to what he is saying. This is more than just casual listening music.

There are dual meanings on some of the songs as well such as “Reap What We Sow”. This one acts as a critique of well-meaning government policy with unintended consequences, in the areas of Child Protection and Middle East engagement. Vargo is brought in as well to add to more flavor to the sound.

The lead track “Save Our Seas” has already gone viral gaining over 1.7 million views on Facebook. Tu P adds his own experience here as he flows elegantly about his own experience along with the help of some friends. The hook catches attention and almost demands a sing along as we listen.

Overall, as we listen to Agenda we get to enjoy solid musical flows as we are exposed to an array of topics that deserve our attention. Together we can make a better world, and music will always be a huge part of that.

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