Explore Being “Color Blind” With Whitemyer

Few things breed more genuine songs than real life experiences. Whitemyer has been turning his stories and interactions into music since he was in high school. Years of building up that skill has allowed for Whitemyer to create music that builds immediate emotional connections for listeners. “Color Blind” is the latest release from Whitemyer and it continues to prove that he is able to translate his life into heartfelt music.

“Color Blind” is inspired deeply by Whitemyer’s father who has lived with being color blind his entire life. His father’s condition constantly left him wondering what life looked like through his father’s eyes.

“If I could see the world through his eyes for just a minute. What would it look like?” – Whitemyer

The energy and emotional connection to the song emanates throughout this track. Inspired guitar playing keep you intrigued as you listen through “Color Blind.” Whitemyer’s vocals are raw and powerful, maintaining your attention during this instrumentally heavy song. Grainy and unadulterated, every second of this track is completely genuine to everything Whitemyer’s music is.

Prior to releasing “Color Blind” Whitemyer was working with Grammy Award winning producer Dave Carlock (Pink, Eric Clapton, Blink 182) and doing shows with the likes of Harvey Danger, Bowling for Soup, and Pop Evil. Each experience with those talented people taught him more than he could have ever imagined and he used that knowledge to grow as an artist.

Whitemyer is currently writing and recording new music, proving he shows no signs of stopping any time soon. Be sure not to miss out on the next chapter he shares.

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