The Pierce Project Shares ‘Songs For Emi’

The Pierce Project
-review by Kristiana Zunde

Retro rock, a cappella styled vocal harmonies, and family-friendly songs. All of this can be heard in the latest album, Songs For Emi, by The Pierce Project.

If you haven’t heard of The Pierce Project, they come from Destin, FL, consisting of multi-instrumentalists, three brothers and their dad – Joe, Jimmy, Luke, and Nick Pierce. Raised on classic rock, the band is currently reworking that sound into their own unique style, though it is a lot softer. It’s almost giving me a country/folk feel. When listening to Songs For Emi, I can sense influences from the likes of The Beatles, The Beach Boys, and the harmonies remind me a lot of the a cappella band, Straight No Chaser.

The record has a very unique vibe. Consisting of both upbeat and quite slowed down songs, this album gives you all the feels. While “Oh Banana” is an upbeat song and even sounds quite comedic, songs like “Hi Emilia” definitely sends me to a happy family place. The instrumentation through the album includes retro-sounding piano, drums, bass, guitars, and vocals which are harmonized perfectly. The album flows nicely and everything blends together really well. “Oh Banana” and “Good Morning” also have the sort of sound to them that makes me imagine going on family road trips.

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