Ultra_Eko Show Us ‘Alternate Realities’

Fans of hip-hop will attest that there’s something about hip-hop coming from London that hits differently. Ultra_Eko is an eclectic hip-hop artist breaking through South London’s underground scene. Working diligently to craft a mature, unique, well-rounded sound Ultra_Eko has set himself apart from other artists emerging. 2020 saw the release of Ultra_Eko’s most ambitious and powerful release to date with his album Alternate Realities.

Alternate Realities showcases the immense talent within Ultra_Eko. Each track highlighting new nuances of his musicality and personal life experiences. Throughout the album you’ll see glimpses of the values and lessons that the street taught him pinned to poetic lyricism and inspired hip-hop sounds.

Ultra_Eko managed to play with genres and instrumentals to create a hip-hop sound wholly his own. Pairing a gritty hip-hop style with touches of an indie sound and house music. His individuality and style choices are what make Alternate Realities stand out among the rest.

You can listen to Alternate Realities below

The album opens with “The Second Chapter” and from the beginning moments of the track you know you’re in for something special. Ultra_Eko lays it all on the line from the start, bringing nothing shy of heavy hitters. Skillfully intertwining old school beliefs with a new aged sound, you’re bound to be hooked before you even get to the hook.

The remaining 14 tracks on Alternate Realities continue to prove that Ultra_Eko poured everything into this album. Each track hits hard. Whether it’s hitting you with truth or just sheer wild, entertainment, you’re bound to find something within this album that will make you bop your head.

“Cash Money Moolah” and “WTF Wifi Wifey” are both stand-out tracks upon first listen. Each song plays with different light indie and pop elements that create the perfect juxtaposition between Ultra_Eko’s gruff and deep vocal stylings.

No matter your musical tastes, there is a track on this album that you’ll vibe with. You can find Alternate Realities on Spotify and Apple Music. And if you’re a fan of what you hear like we were, you can also go check out Into the Multiverse – The Subsequel Mixes which contains 10 reimagined tracks from Alternate Realities.

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