Verra Cruz Has All-New EP In The Works

Verra Cruz

Verra Cruz is an independent rock trio out of England who know exactly what rock is supposed to sound like. They’ve been making music together for about 10 years now and they’re ready to give us something new.

Right now, they’ve got a Pledgemusic campaign for an untitled, five-song EP set to be released in October 2016. Though they’ve already reached their goal, a large percentage of the proceeds go directly to the Dalit Freedom Network, a charity for one of the poorest groups of people India, who are often times forced into slavery and trafficking due to intense financial hardship and lack of access to education.

Verra Cruz performs with passion and lives with purpose — exactly the kind of group we’d suggest giving a chance.

Verra Cruz on the Rise

Musically, Verra Cruz has done a lot of growing over the years and it’s really serving them well.

Their third studio album Innocence (2008) was almost tailor-made for the modern rock bar scene. The entire album sounds like cold beer and black leather, and you can’t help but sing along. The band puts everything they’ve got into every strum of bass and crash of the symbols — their passion is downright contagious.

Fast forward a few years and they’ve only improved.

The song that really caught our eye is a song called “Rise” from their most recent EP Emancipation Day. “Rise” is a piece that flows along like a warm river current, carrying a sweet tune the whole way through. Vocalist Marc James does some of his best work here not so much singing but smoothly crooning into the microphone. Bassist Henry Cross and drummer Jimmy Cook follow suit, making for an excellent work of art.

Good Guys, Better Music

In music, many people forget that what you’re saying is just as important as how well you say it. Well, Verra Cruz hasn’t forgotten that one bit.

In an industry plagued by an emphasis on sound and a disregard for lyrical substance, the group holds steadfast to one central theme: “what we say matters.” They’ve devoted entire songs to social issues like gun control (“Put The Weapon Down“) and consistently demonstrate an earnest love for the world around them.

Verra Cruz is a band comprised not just of musicians, but of great men as well. They’ve got over a decade of experience under their belt and their train ain’t stopping anytime soon.


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