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Ariel Ryder

One of the best ways to perfect your craft as a musician and songwriter is to work with other people.  Fortunately in the music business, most artists are more than willing to work with others, even those artists much lower on the pecking order than themselves.  This cooperative nature of music helps everyone involved.  A great example is our recent find Ariel Ryder.

Music has always been a big part of the rising star’s life.  By her early teens, Ariel Ryder was singing at various fashion shows, karaoke contests & cable access shows in the Chicago, Illinois area.  By 15 she was chosen as a contestant on the Chicago version of “Showtime at the Apollo” with Steve Harvey which introduced her to some big names in the music industry.  

Things Are Taking Off For Ariel Ryder

The whirlwind and world travel was about to begin.  Ariel Ryder travelled to Southampton, England to write and record with Mark Hill (aka Artful Dodger).  Then to San Rafael, California to work with Grammy Award Winning Producer Narada Michael Walden and songwriter Sunny Hilden.  All along the way learning and perfecting her unique style.  



The latest song by Ariel Ryder making the rounds is “Earthquake”.  It is a strong pop song that spews energy.  The simple piano melody pairing with a driving rhythm section moves the song forward.  The chorus is extremely catchy with Ariel’s vocals roaring with power.  The breakdown at the 2:20 mark shows a softer side of her lyrical delivery before launching back into the chorus.

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