Versal provides Beauty in ‘Volume 2’


When a musical talent is discovered at a young age it must be given the power to grow. Parents play an integral part but the passion for music must be at the forefront for the young one. Music can not be forced. Fortunately our recent discovery Versal was allowed to pursue his passion. The result is an amazing musical talent and a new album Versal Volume 2.

Talent was noticed early in the multi talented composer and artist. Javier Velez (aka Versal) would hum along to his favorite cartoons in perfect pitch and tempo even before he learned to speak. A wide variety of instruments were explored. Javier can play flute, trombone, classical guitar, piano, trumpet, and organ among others. Composing started at age 13 and he was in the recording studio by 14. There was no stopping him. Other artistic talents include directing, photography, sound design, CGI, and visual art. 

Creating music is the true joy of Versal though. December of 2021 saw him release his Versal Volume 2 album. The 8 track album is a mesh of a variety of large orchestral sounds without the distraction of lyrics. The record opens with “Simply,” an elegant piano piece to show the classical skills of the artist. It is a beautiful piece that settles the listener in for the ride.

The vibe shifts with “Pencil Strokes” as more elements are introduced. Exotic sound design comes in to add to the relaxing tone. Noises seem to come from all angles to fill out the sonic space. 

Versal is ‘Kind Of Pink’

On “Kind Of Pink” the exotic sounds continue but Versal heads in a bluesy direction. This one jumps out as a perfect movie background track. There is plenty of energy but nothing that would get in the way of the scene on the screen. “The Guardians of Montserrat” has a similar energy with action packed into the track. As the music builds, so does the excitement.

For the closer “Departed”, Versal returns to his grand piano. The minor key adds an ominous and slightly dark tone. The elegance of the performance remains though. This is beautiful music to end the record with allowing the listener to quiet their mind and prepare to return back to reality.

“I hope this music brings you as much joy as it has brought me to compose and produce it. May all beings be joyful!” – Versal

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