Welsh Avenue has ‘Come Back Home’

Welsh Avenue

As artists we always must be open to altering our direction. Styles will change. Our own moods will change. And it is ok to follow those changes and experiment with what makes you happy. The musical muse is a fickle thing that can, and should, take you in many directions. Our friend Mark DiLillo from Welsh Avenue is allowing this to happen with his new single “Come Back Home” hitting the airwaves now.

After creating a certain alt-electronica/experimental-nu wave sound for the past 6 years as Welsh Avenue, Mark DiLillo is now experimenting with his classical roots. The Austin, Texas based singer-songwriter took 9 years of classical piano lessons before college so the base was there. The experimentation with Ableton software at Texas A&M led  to Welsh Avenue creating lush soundscapes with an electronic vibe. Now he has come full circle with a new sound.

Official Music Video For ‘Come Back Home’

The new direction of Welsh Avenue starts with the  single “Come Back Home” and its mesmerizing music video.  Elegance and intricacy of the stand up piano leads the way. As Mark’s vocals come in, so does the emotion. There is real feeling here. Mark DiLillo says “’Come Back Home’ is basically me saying that you can’t make choices for those people we love who are going in a direction you may feel is wrong, but you can only love them through it.”

Adding in a steady electronic drum beat along with some atmospheric sounds brings the track to a higher level than just a man and his piano. This is a passionate ballad with more. The instrumental sections show off the true talent of the musician. While the emotional lyrics show the songwriting skill that Mark has.  

The evolution of Welsh Avenue continues. Keep up with the adventure HERE.

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