BREATH IN The Lunar Keys’ New Single “Oxygen Type”

The Lunar Keys are continuing to stir up a solid cult following in the U.K. Their live shows have connected with a dedicated fan-base who are enthralled to personally embrace the band’s self-described intersection of neurotic pop and alt rock.

For certain, the Keys’ much anticipated latest single offering “Oxygen Type” will launch them to new realms of audio, aeronautic travel. While there is no lack of love for the more alt-pop approaches they’ve explored in their previous numbers, “Oxygen Type” ventures into the deeper, darker places of hard hitting, full fledge rock. From the opening guitar riff you will sense a new- found expression of angst which serves almost as its own ricochet to the shimmering, social aware brilliance of their earlier releases. This time around, both lyrically and musically we’re confronted with more of a sense of urgency – or even desperation:       

“Could it be you’re the atmosphere? I will be your oxygen”

-lyric from The Lunar Keys’ “Oxygen Type”

All the while, the track has no shortage of their trademark, sonic moments where a rocket – propulsion of keyboard and guitar effects explode with otherworldly fervor. On top of that, the band seems to have discovered new life-forms of vocal harmonies in anthemic chorus moments – which are akin to the likes of Kansas or other classic rock outfits.

We will most definitely heed the advice to continue to breath in, and out, as we process this exhilarating adventure we’re on with The Lunar Keys.         

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