Welwyn Garden City Shares Their Beauty In Song and Video

Welwyn Garden City

Music is meant to always reach for new sounds and grow. Experimenting with multiple genres and unique mixes is what will push an artist to reach real music fans searching for fresh music. Our recent discovery Welwyn Garden City is creating just that while still staying close enough to a pop sound that will help them reach many new fans.

The project based in Bristol, United Kingdom is the brainchild of singer-songwriter Ross Edwards. Together with Orwa K Abbas & Rapper Serkz, they create an indie pop sound with touches of EDM to keep their fans guessing and wanting more.

Welwyn Garden City claims influence and inspiration from Oasis, new Linkin Park, and a variety of EDM producers. With all this coming together the group can go in any direction they see fit.



We are treated to a full audio-visual experience with their music video for “The Greatest”. The mellow love song tone of the track creates a warm feeling for all listeners. There is a real beauty to the sound. The video is just as beautiful with a lovely girl strolling through an amazing coastal city. The music and images blend perfectly together.


Welwyn Garden City Has The Chops To Hit The Mainstream


Another standout track is “Fighting With Fire”. Although it begins just as mellow as “The Greatest” rapper Serkz turns up the energy with his emotional flow that paints a picture of real life. The hook is soft and sweet letting the mind relax and truly take in the imagery of the story. The minimal piano line that creeps along through the track is almost hypnotizing. The songwriting of Welwyn Garden City and Ross Edwards is top notch and will bring in new fans with each listen.

You can find the full album for purchase at http://www.wgcmusic.co.uk/buy-album.html

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