Wild Love Are Thinking “I Hate That I Need You”

“I Hate That I Need You” is the brand new single from Wild Love, a trio of pop musicians hailing from across the globe. Frontman Brandon Gorman of Ireland, guitarist Michael Crecca of New York and bassist Saygīn Geçener of Turkey pride themselves in their no bullshit attitude heavy lyrics and smooth modern pop sound. Based in Nashville, they’ve made a name for themselves playing shows and with support from Nashville’s biggest independent radio station.

The band is taking an honest approach to their new music, with straightforward but fun lyrics reminiscent of bands from the late 90s and early 00s like Greenday and Blink 182. The goal with “I Hate That I Need You” was to capture the energy of those artists in the sound of Wild Love, and the influence is pretty clear in the overall tone of the song.

Watch the video for “I Hate That I Need You” below

Despite this inspiration, and overarching tone, listeners looking for a taste of 90s punk will probably be a little bit disappointed, as Wild Love’s overall sound is resolutely their own. The rambling lyrics about an unbalanced relationship of “I Hate That I Need You” find their place among a much more modern and produced sound than their predecessors and inspirations. The contrast is surprising but not unwelcome. It has a lot of potential. The song has some flaws, the lyrics come out wordy, the writers process perhaps a bit too stream of consciousness, but the results are still overall good, a moody attitude driven song out of the past with the smooth sound of the present.

Wild Love seems to have a strong idea about how they want their music to be, and that drive comes through in “I Hate That I Need To.” For listeners who feel that this particular intersection of sounds and ideas would be appealing, it’s worth a listen.

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