Continuing the search for something different in the music world has led me to all corners of the world.  Sometimes I find it right in my backyard, sometimes I have to travel across the pond, as they say.  Today’s journey led me to London, England and an interesting band with an even more interesting name, Wunts & The MMMPS.

The name is actually not as strange as it first sounds when I learn the band is fronted by Jimmy Wunts being backed up by Mark, Mark, Mark, Paul, Steve (MMMPS).  So much for an existential meaning to the name.  The music they put together is almost as hard to explain, but one description I heard was Avant Garage.  I’ll go with that.  After seeing some photos of the band this genre may suit them perfectly.

The Wunts & The MMMPS sound is an interesting mixture of mellow instrumentals with very clever lyrics.  The songs demand your full attention as you need to hear where the story is going to end up.  The hysterical, and I am told true, story of ‘Are You A Girl Or A Boy’ leads you through an interesting night out with a man who has not yet learned to control his inner monologue.  The straight drum beat and saxophone fills only add to a great story.  ‘Money’ is a sweet song led by a beautiful opening using keyboards and violin before Jimmy Wunts’ vocals begin their storytelling and lead to a full band sing-along that I am sure the audience at a live show join in with as well.  This is quality musicianship bleded together perfectly.

Bottom Line: Wunts & The MMMPS is perfect easy listening for those who love to pay attention to the lyrics and enjoy a good story.  Go enjoy a taste for yourself at:

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